The Secret Tea Society was founded by Claire in 2013 following her success in resurrecting the local WI in her village.  She enjoyed the support and network that this group provided her and her ladies from all walks of life and the opportunities that they were able to create for each other. Moving on a few years from the inauguration of her WI, which stood as one of the largest created in Middlesex, Claire decided to create something more, that was modern and also shared her passion of afternoon tea. Once referred to by her local newspaper as a 'more gin and less jam kinda gal', Claire was determined to find a way to bring a gathering of like minded ladies together whether online or through society meet ups. 

So it was that The Secret Tea Society was borne, to support women, empower them and enable them to come together, to achieve the best for one another, over their passion for all that is afternoon tea!

Over the years Claire has organised tea in a treehouse, tumbled down a rabbit hole with her ladies for afternoon tea with the Mad Hatter, taken tea at the Dowager's residence in 1920s style, shared sweets and rose bud tea with Willy Wonka and picked flowers from a farm followed by homemade tea and cake, to name but a few. 

Together we grow, make friends and connections, but most importantly, enjoy ourselves, making lasting memories.  If you want to be part of the next chapter, sign up to find out more.

Afternoon Tea